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Coming from graduates of the University of Illinois, The Cracked Truck is bringing a new twist on breakfast to the U of I campus. Since the rise of the food truck trend in 2010, food trucks have been popping up in small and large cities all over the country. With a lively student population and a genuine need for a more diverse late night option, U of I seemed to be an ideal spot to bring a food truck. The concept was created, conceived, and finalized while students at the University of Illinois.

Designed around student’s needs, desires, and late night cravings, The Cracked Truck was created to satisfy that necessary pick-me-up before class in the morning as well as that late night craving before curling up in bed after that long night out. Wanting to stay true to their favorite and most important meal of the day, the Cracked Truck will be serving the same menu all day long. Who says you can’t eat eggs and hash browns at 1 in the morning? With made to order breakfast sandwiches, tots, and locally roasted coffee. The Cracked Truck will be dishing out breakfast all day and all night, serving students beyond last call.



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